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[JOB] Earn income creating a Mathematica notebook

Posted 1 year ago
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I am writing a paper "Simple Random Walk Models of Entanglement Effects on the Elasticity and Viscoelasticity of Polymer Networks." which i will be presenting at the Polymer Networks meeting in Prague.

Of course, i'm writing it in a Mathematica notebook but it will have a bunch of equations and my physical disability makes it difficult for me to enter them (also, i am not very familiar with the use of the mathematical templates in WL / Mathematica).

I have PDFs of my published articles from which i am creating this 'tutorial' article . these PDFs have all the equations i will be using in the article.

What i need is someone to enter each equation into its own cell in a Mathematica notebook.

I can then take that notebook and can create a notebook containing both the text which i will be composing and the equations which i will 'copy and paste' from the 'notebook of equations'.

I can email the PDFs to the person who, after creating the notebook of equations, can email it to me.

So this is is a simple straightforward job that will earn some income for someone (the pricing is negotiable, based on the time involved, the difficulty of the work, etc.) .

2 Replies

Greetings Professor Gaylord. I have been a Mathematica fan since version 3.0. I now have version 11.0 and use the WL in the Wolfram Cloud also. My background is software engineering. See my LinkedIn profile here: Please let me know if you still need help with this job. Best regards, Jose Alvarado.

i am now ready for Phase 2 of this work. i have 5 very brief research articles (totalling < 15 pages in PDF form) that i need to be re-created as Mathematica notebook(s). All of the equations in the articles have already been turned into cells and the accompanying text now needs to be turned into text cells to accompany the equations. I would do this myself but due to my disability, i am unable to do the typing (i was a really poor typist before i became ill and now my hands don't work at all well). If you would like to earn some money performing this task, pease contact me (you can send an e-mail directly to me at and we can discuss the details and arrangement.

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