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[GIF] Vitals (Animated von Mises distribution)

Posted 4 years ago
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Animated von Mises distribution


This one is pretty simple: there are 22 rows of dots, translating left or right depending on whether the row number is even or odd. Within each row, you can see the dots as plotting the density of the von Mises distribution. Specifically, the radius of each dot is the value of the von Mises pdf at that point.

Note that the von Mises distribution is like a Gaussian distribution on the circle. In particular, it is a periodic probability distribution, which is why each row is periodic, showing a total of 5 periods.

Here's the code:

      {Lighter[ColorData["Rainbow"][1 - (n + 10)/21], .2],
       Disk[{#, 0}, PDF[VonMisesDistribution[0, .3], Mod[# + (-1)^n t, 2 π, -π]]] & /@ 
        Range[-4 π, 4 π, π/6]},
      PlotRange -> {{-4 π - π/12, 4 π + π/12}, {-.5, .5}}]},
     {n, -10, 11}],
   Spacings -> {-6, Automatic}],
  ImageSize -> 600, Background -> GrayLevel[.1], PlotRangePadding -> {None, Scaled[.0242]}
 {t, 0, 2 π}]
4 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

That was a quick fix! I really enjoy your work, and I love playing with the code, so thanks for making it available!

Thanks! I just fixed the code (which was corrupted by a Wolfram Community bug), and of course you're quite right that it is 4 periods, not 5.

Posted 1 year ago

Very cool gif! I got it to work by replacing the ? with π in the code. Also, I think it's 4 periods in each row, rather than 5.

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