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Problem typing shift+enter in windows 8 tablets

I just purchased a windows tablet HP with full windows 8 functionality.  I installed Mathematica 9.1 and find  troublesome that the enter key is executing the processing just like the shift+Enter key .  I am not able  to add another line in the cell either.  There is a similar post, but their problem was the lock-num key. But this tablets do not have a number keypad or num-key .  Please advice.
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
3 Replies
You can try setting the following in the registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Wolfram Research\Mathematica

POSTED BY: Ian Hojnicki
I am not familiar with the issue myself, but if you believe the issue has something to with the state of the numlock key in Windows 8, you may want to consider activating it on boot. Looking online, there are some websites with tutorials on how to do this. For example,
Please be careful whenever editing the registry on your machine. I have not tried the tutorial here and cannot vouch for its safety or effectiveness.
If this does work for you, please come back and let us know.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Thank you for your contribution. After close look , the bottom line is  that if the  device  keyboard does not have a NuLk  key,  Mathematica replaces assigns the  Enter key to   Shift-Key  (execute).  This is a tremendous inconvenience.  Anyhow. I choose to solve this problem by adding a supplemental  usb numerical keypad or just add a full usb keyboard.
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
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