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Creating image masks interactively

Posted 11 years ago
Take a look at the following example in documentation: Use a marker to specify the holes to be filled

How to make such mask quickly and interactively?

I post here a function that allows to do that.
 MakeMask[i_] :=
   Row[{Show[i, PlotRange -> Thread[{{1, 1}, ImageDimensions[i]}]],
     mask = Image[
         SparseArray[# -> 1 & /@ Round[p], ImageDimensions[i]],
       ImageSize -> ImageDimensions[i]]}],
   Button["pasre mask", Print[mask]],
   {{p, {ImageDimensions[i]/2}}, Locator, LocatorAutoCreate -> True,
   Appearance -> Style["+", Red, 40]}, {mask, ControlType -> None}]

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
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