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How to load stock data of regional companies.

Posted 11 years ago

I want to know how to load the regional data from 'FinancialData'.
I know that name of Google is 'GOOG' as follows :
but I can't know how to set the name of 'Samsung Electronics'.
I found the code of 'Samsung Electronics' in the Google finance and it is 'KRX:005935'.
But the 'FinancialData' can not recognize it as follows :

Please let me know how to set the name.


Daniel Hong
POSTED BY: Daniel Hong
4 Replies
Please take a look at my answer here. Below I copy the image, but there are more links there at the original post.

POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Hi all,

Thanks for advices.

I succeeded getting the data of Samsung Electronic as follow :
FinancialData["KS:005930", "Name"]
POSTED BY: Daniel Hong
The function FinancialData pulls most of its information from the Yahoo Finance API.  If you are looking for a ticker that works with FinancialData, you will want to search Yahoo Finance's webpage first.  Some tickers that appear on the Yahoo finance web page may not be available through FinancialData because of license restrictions. This is the case for "^DJI" for example.

If you cannot find the information using FInancialData, you may want to try using the WolframAlpha function to pull the data into Mathematica
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
 might be what you want.
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