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Change stdlink to other WSLINK when using WSPut @ WSTP

Posted 1 year ago
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Is it possible to create some other WSLINK instead of stdlink with WSMain function?

The following WSTP code I tested with mathematic 10.0 and it didn't work:

std::cout<<"this is a test message."<<std::endl;
WSPutString(stdlink, "test a reply message");

The error output from Mathematica is: LinkObject::linkd: Unable to communicate with closed link LinkObject[......]

However if I removed the std::cout line, it works fine. I can get the reply message on Mathematica.

I guess it is because they're all using stdlink, so I would like to change to another WSLINK. Is it possible to change it?

Are you creating an installable MathLink program?

If yes, and if you followed the structure shown for the main/WinMain functions in the examples (e.g. addtwo.c) precisely, then this error likely indicates that your program is crashing. It's hard to tell why without a complete example.

What I can say with certainty though is that using the name stdlink has absolutely nothing to do with this, and there is no relationship between iostreams (std::cout) and MathLink/WSTP.

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