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Considerations concerning mathematical music theory

Posted 1 year ago
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Good morning

years ago I wrote this preprint on Arxiv:

concerning Mathematical Music Theory.

I attach to this post all the related Mathematica code.

Thanking you very much for your kind attention I send you

my best regards

Dr. Gavriel Segre

4 Replies

Good morning

sadly I see that nobody is interested to the discussion I tried to begin (Sic!).

For completeness, anyway, I attach to this post some other palettes useful for the stuff that I discussed in my previous post.

Strongly apologizing for the disturb that I cause you and thanking you very much for your kind attention I send you

my best regards Dr. Gavriel Segre

Sorry, I missed your original post. In addition to my maths, I have a MA in music composition. I'll take a look at your stuff.

Dear Dr. Woodrow

I thank you very much for your kind attention, Good Holydays! Dr. Gavriel Segre

Dear @Gavriel Segre, please take a look at our Staff Picks:

In addition to notebooks, posts there bring content to the posts themselves in form of a blog or article. Making a continuous explanatory reading and walking through your work in detail helps greatly to expose your project. If you could EDIT your original post and transform it into such form it would gather much more attention and wider readership even beyond community members as search engines are attracted to keywords in actual posts. Fine articles are often placed in Staff Picks section, which promotes them even more.

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