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Use wolframscript under raspbian stretch?

Posted 11 months ago
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Does anyone know why wolframscript does not work under raspbian stretch? Executing "whereis wolframscript" at the terminal gives no result, however "whereis env" results in "env: /usr/bin/env" indicating that the env executable is there?

Moreover, is this due to some bug/oversight or is wolframscript invoked differently under stretch versus jessie?

Has anyone else had this experience with RPi3?


6 Replies

The previously available wolframscript was not compatble with Raspbian Stretch. An updated version will be released soon.

Hi Ilian, will the updated version of wolframscript be made available as a download or through the repository? Thank you for the timely reply.

I expect it will be installable via apt-get along with the next release of Mathematica for the Raspberry Pi.

The new packages for wolframscript and wolfram-engine 11.2.0 are now available and can be installed as usual

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wolframscript wolfram-engine

These are no longer Jessie-compatible, right?

Yes, no longer compatible.

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