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Video tutorials made using MIT's LightBoard video capture setup

Posted 1 year ago
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Let's get right to it, Anna Musser and I spent some time this weekend experimenting with the LightBoard setup at MIT to see if we could make some engaging video tutorials for complete Mathematica novices. I know my acting needs some work, but we would love to hear any thoughts about the use of this type of system to produce video tutorials for coding in Wolfram Language using Mathematica. Also Let us know if you have any tools you use to produce videos and teach in more engaging ways!

There are two videos linked below, the first is a video about opening Mathematica for the first time and below that is a video about completing assignments using the CodeSeal computational curriculum framework

Intro to Mathematica

screen shot of a video lecture showing Kyle Keane

Overview of CodeSeal

screen shot of video lecture showing Kyle Keane and CodeSeal

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