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Kyle Keane
Kyle Keane
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
LOCATION: Somerville, MA
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Kyle Keane is currently a full-time lecturer at MIT in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. His role in the department is to incorporate computation into every aspect of the undergraduate curriculum. He co-teaches the "Computational Methods for Materials Science and Engineering" course which takes sophomores (most with no previous programming experience) and introduces Mathematica as a tool for solving engineering problems with differential equations and linear algebra, as well as teaching them to write full simulations and visualizations for understanding physical phenomena. Before joining MIT, Kyle was a Research Programmer in the Special Projects Department of Wolfram Research from 2012–2015, where he worked on establishing K-12 programming initiatives, including developing a general step-by-step physics and equation solver in Wolfram|Alpha and helping Siri speak Wolfram|Alpha results. His main areas of interest are the pedagogical effectiveness of interactive graphics, evidence-based infusion of programming into science education, improving the accessibility of technology for people with disabilities and user experience. Kyle has a PhD from the University of California, Riverside, where his dissertation was on utilizing weak quantum measurements to protect quantum systems from information loss during quantum computing.