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Pixel Editor for Images

Posted 10 months ago
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Often I would edit bitmaps in programs like MS Paint and then import them back into my notebook. To save time I developed a tool to edit the pixels of an image within a notebook: Wolfram Paint.

enter image description here

Features include:

  • Three tools: pen (single pixel change), bucket (change all identical pixel groups), and eye drop (get pixel color)
  • Mouse down uses primary color, Control + mouse uses secondary color
  • Editable "favorite" colors panel
  • DominantColors automatically loaded as "favorites"
  • Uses RGBA color space
  • Resizable image, inset, and zoom
  • "Undo" to a state that you first manually bookmark
  • click-and-drag moves the zoomed region (left panel) or edits pixels (right panel)

I'm sure I could mimic other tools like drawing lines, circles, or other primitives, but as a proof-of-concept I'm pleased that it was only 300 lines of code.

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