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Mathematica One Liner Generator

Posted 4 years ago
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I would like to suggest a twist to the Mathematica One Liner Competition.

The idea of this version of the challenge is to make use of the meta-programming capabilities in WL to create a one-liner generator. Some suggested competition rules:

  1. The Generator would need to be written in WL, but would not itself have to comprise a single line of WL code, although that would be a really neat trick!

  2. The output of the Generator would be a single executable line of WL code, or a single-line function taking one or more arguments. In other words, the output has to comprise valid WL syntax and be executable.

  3. The output code produced by the Generator would itself produce some kind of result. There are no stipulations as to what that result might be, although graphical output tends to be heavily favored. But it could be, for instance, a famous number sequence, a mathematical equation, or something else entirely. All that is stipulated is that the output produced by the generated one-liner is "interesting".

  4. The challenge solution could include code (e.g. machine learning/DNN code) to determine whether the generated one-liner is capable of producing an "interesting" result. One liners that are not valid WL syntax, or which produce no output, for example, would be classified as "uninteresting". A one-liner that generated large prime numbers, or cool animations, might be classified as "interesting". And so on.

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