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Filter data from StarData based on Distance from Sun?

Posted 1 year ago
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I am trying to get the name of stars that are in a range of distances from the Sun. The Input I have tried is:

EntityValue[EntityClass["Star", {"DistanceFromSun"->Between[{Quantity[10,"LightYears"],
Quantity[20, "LightYears"]}]}],  {"Name","DistanceFromSun"}]

which returns empty set. I've also used StarData instead of EnityValue, but I get the same result. Looking around in the documentation, I found an example in ParticleData that appears similar:

Quantity[900, "Megaelectronvolts"/"SpeedOfLight"^2], 
Quantity[1000, "Megaelectronvolts"/"SpeedOfLight"^2]}]}],{"Name","Mass"}]

which returns 9 particles.

Using Wolfram|Alpha to get a code example, I input:

List of stars with a distance from the sun between 10 lightyears and 20 lightyears

and several other variations. It doesn't understand my query. I have tried the Natural Language to no avail. Is there something I'm missing or does each property have a different way of filtering values?

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