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[✓] Install packages on MMA 11.2 on the Raspberry Pi?

Posted 9 months ago
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Hello, I am missing the menu-item "Install" here on MMA 11.2 on the Raspberry. I am trying to use a 'package' I've downloaded, its readme says

Under File > Install... , choose package and input the path to the package you just downloaded.

Also the help here says the same. But the menupoint "Install" is completely missing here. Is it a difference in the Raspberry-version of MMA? How do I use this package now, is it still possible at all? Many thanks already.

4 Replies

Packages need to placed in the directory returned by FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Applications"}]. If you got a zip file, you will need to extract it first.

Generally, packages come with installation instructions. You should follow those instructions instead of using File -> Install, which will mess things up unless the package was specifically designed to be installed this way.

Posted 9 months ago

The program I am talking about exactly is POVRayRender. After I copied the folder from basedir .WolframEngine to /Applications it was fine. Then I had figured out how to set the config-path exactly

ConfigurePOVRayRender["POVRayPath" -> "/usr/local/bin/povray"]

now this seems to work as it should.

I could still need some information how to install MathGl3D now...does it work on the Raspberry Pi at all? I tried to extract the linked mgl2_2linux.exe.tar.gz and copied the MathGl3d-folder to /Applications, too - but did not figured out if thats correct or how to get it to work exactly....

(pic is made with/from Povray-example/tutorial after I got it installed)



MathGL3D is a very old package that was made for versions of Mathematica that did not have rotatable 3D graphics. It is not needed since Mathematica 6.0 (~2007).

To make it work, very likely it would not only need recompilation, but also several non-trivial compatibility fixes.

If you're looking for packages to try, I'd suggest looking at recent / maintained ones. Anything older than 10 years may be difficult to get working. mostly lists new or still maintained packages.

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