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Modify the theme in the Presenter Notebooks introduced in 11.2 ?

Posted 3 years ago
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I'm giving my first talk with the new Presenter Notebooks feature in 11.3.

I've used Slideshow in the past.

I'm being asked to add the logo of the conference onto my slides (e.g., a footer).

Is this possible? If so how?

I suppose I could use a DockedCell, but I am guessing there is a better solution.

6 Replies

Ditto! I hope this is either possible or high on the roadmap.

Posted 3 years ago

Use AttachCell (about 2/3 of the way down in this list) to make a cell with the image, TaggingRules to track state, and NotebookDynamicExpression or CellDynamicExpression to bind it on load. Including the the footer automatically should then be pretty simple

[update] my skepticism was proven false by b3m2a1's demonstrtion of a magic incantation that created a footer in a nb.

[original post] I'm fairly certain it's currently impossible to have something like a DockedCell that can be anchored to the bottom of a notebook. I'd love it if this was possible!

Posted 3 years ago

It's actually possible with AttachCell. Try:

  Cell["asdasdas", "DockedCell",
   CellFrame -> {{0, 0}, {0, 1}},
   CellSize -> {Scaled[1], Automatic},
   Background -> GrayLevel[.98]
  {0, {Left, Bottom}},
  {Left, Bottom},
  "ClosingActions" -> {}

That will persist until you close the notebook

@b3m2a1 you are my hero, that was insanely obscure and super awesome! For years I have wanted to use DockedCells at the botton of my notebooks, this is so cool! I guess it should come with the disclaimer of all undocumented things, which is that it can change without notice since it is not designed for external reliability... but who cares, this is going to be such fun to play with!

Yes, indeed. Kudos to @b3m2a1. I am still working through the stackexchange link's other undocumented features. It looks like a gold mine. Thanks.

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