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Documentation on Wolfram IOs Player?

Posted 3 years ago
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Hello I like the Wolfram IOs player app.

I often read offline and it would be nice to have the documentation embedded in the app.

Newer IPads have much more than the approximately 6GB required to put the entire documentation onto the IPad.

I've tried downloading the documentation from my laptop onto a cloud account and reading that. However, some of the longer documentation pages (e.g., intro to neural nets tutorial) will not display completely.


1) Would it be possible to make the documentation available in an app? I'd happily pay for an add-op to the player app if it were less than $20.

2) Is the truncation of a long documentation page a limitation of iOS?

Thanks, Craig

3 Replies

Dear Craig, I forwarded your idea to our teams. Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Posted 3 years ago

I may not know exactly what you'd prefer. But you have a web browser to view documentation with.

When you say documentation if you mean "The Mathematica Book", it shows in my iOS app - it should be there.

Also, "The Mathematica Book"s are available for download online in PDF format for free for Mathematica users. Some of the earlier document versions are shorter and more telling of certain long standing features, such as Kernel Evaluation and Graphics and other basic features.

POSTED BY: Anonymous User

Hello John, I mean the documentation itself (for example the documentation page for ParamettricPlot3D which might have a link to another documentation page for ColorFunction, etc...)

I ride the bus to work and fly a lot—and like to disconnect generally. My tablet device is much easier to read than a laptop.

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