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Install MathToolBox package?

Posted 9 months ago
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The MathToolBox package, listed at and available at, contains a single .m file, namely, MathToolBox.m. But when I look at the contents of that file, I find a bunch of individualBeginPackage expressions there, none seeming to be named MathToolBox.

How should this be installed so that one can readily load it?

(I do wish that authors who publicly post packages would always include installation instructions! Today, the standard way seems to be to have a directory ThePackageName that contains the actual package ThePackageName.m, whose code begins with BeginPackage["ThePackageName`"]; and a subdirectory Kernel that contains a simple init.m file of the form Needs[["ThePackageName`ThePackageName`"], or perhaps the same thing but with Get instead of Needs.)

5 Replies

I don't understand your answer at all! You refer to MATLAB and Mathworks. But the MathToolBox add-on seems to have nothing to do with MATLAB! I examained the Mathematica package MathToolBox.m, and it defines many functions without, seemingly, any reference to MATLAB.

Are we talking about the same Mathematica add-on?

And are you a bot? I ask because of the mysterious intrusion of "Essay Writing Service" and "Speedy Essays Review" in your answer.

Wolfram Community does get these spam ads. It's been flagged and will be removed. Our apologies to yourself and the many other participants in this forum. Well, my apology at least, since I'm not here in any official capacity.

The spam message at least seemed remotely related to my question: it picked up the terms "math" and "toolbox"!

My suspicion is this is being done by somewhat trained undergrads who are unable to find more legitimate forms of employment that pay as well. The fact that these manage to look relevant has helped to go undetected (which is the point really). I happened to see the one here a few minutes before you posted your response. Since then I noted two others in the forum, one also from hours ago and the other more than two weeks old. So it's an on-going headache-- they spring up faster than we can suppress them. Might be something we could address by changing the way we do registration in the forum, but that's a sort of severe step we might be reluctant to take.

There has been a flood of "essay writing" spam messages in the recent weeks. The messages often look like incoherent but genuine posts. You can tell that they are spam because they always have a link to an essay writing service (or more generally: some business that's completely unrelated to the discussion or the text of the post).

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