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SendMail[ ] does not work in EnterpriseCDF

Posted 11 years ago
Hi, I'm trying to code some CDF files with Mathematica Enterprise like this one:
I want my students to finish these questions, then click the submit button. The test results will also be copied to me (via Email or FTP).
Function "SendMail" does not seem to be used. Is there any way to solve my problem?


ps. Are there any EnterpriseCDF examples about "Enhanced capabilities, including import/export of live data,
arbitrary input fields, dialog windows, and file saving "?
Getting the SendMail function to work often requires some configuration.

Are you able to get SendMail to work in your full version of Mathematica? If not, that would be the first place for you to start. There is a configuration menu for SendMail in the preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences or Mathematica >Prefences on Mac).

Part of the issue is that this configuration may need ot be done by anyone running your code on thier system. In general, I could imagine students having all sorts of crazy firewalls and proxy issues which would make it nearly impossible to work correctly 100% of the time.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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