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Leading a fundamental shift in math education -- with UNICEF

Posted 11 years ago
Hi everyone!

Very excited that my first Wolfram Community post is about exciting news: We've just announced that UNICEF is collaborating with us on a major summit for thought leaders to kick-start a fundamental shift in math education.

I started in 2010; it's great we're now getting global attention and action starting. And I know many of you have been very encouraging, so I wanted to post out about this latest development. Of course we're using Wolfram technology for the build-out so If you're interested, you're ideally placed to join that the CBM community too!

If you can think of anyone in your field, state or country who we should reach out to for the summit -- including you -- please go to this page or let us know asap (we're just a few weeks away).

POSTED BY: Conrad Wolfram

Here is a link to the event registration page.

I like the videos from the 2010 summit
POSTED BY: Todd Rowland
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