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Presenter Notebooks broken after Windows 10 update 1803?

Posted 7 months ago
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After the recent Windows 10 update to version 1803 I can't seem to use presenter notebooks anymore. If I want to create a presenter notebook I get the following errors:

StringForm::sfr: Item 2 requested in "`1` called with `2` arguments; 1 argument is expected." out of range; 1 items available.
PresenterTools`Utilities`PresenterNotebookChooser::argx: presentation is not a Notebook. called with `2` arguments; 1 argument is expected.

Old presenter notebooks are stuck in presentation mode. I can't get rid of the navigation tool bar or open the Presentation controls.

Is anybode else having the same issues? I contacted Wolfram Support, but the usual turnaround times are too long for my next scheduled presentation.

6 Replies
Posted 7 months ago


I was able to reproduce the errors you describe with Mathematica 11.3 on my Mac, but not on my machine running Windows 10 v1803. This makes me think that this is an issue that can affect Mathematica, but is not necessarily OS specific.

Resetting Mathematica to its default configuration, as described here, fixed the issue for me. I'd recommend trying the same on your machine. Let me know if this helps.



Posted 6 months ago

Deleting those directories didn't work for me. I'm running Windows 10.0.1734 and Mathematica 11.3

Posted 6 months ago

Running PacletUpdate["PresenterTools"] from a notebook should resolve the issue. If not let me know.

Posted 6 months ago

That worked, thanks!

How did it get into that state?

Posted 6 months ago

I also confirm that this works. THanks

Posted 6 months ago

Spoke too soon,. I can now create the presentation and scroll through in the forward direction. Going in the reverse direction gives the following error message in a error window.

An improper nine patch image input option was encountered.

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