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Feed data from a robot such as servo input and get a robot model?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello, I am new to Wolfram, so forgive dumb question. I am designing a robot and developing control app. Is it possible to have a robot model (while real robot is developing) in Wolfram to complete control functions? Basically, I want to know, 1) How to feed data such as servo input, from an app to Wolfram (to keep it simple say app is a Python script)? 2) How to get back results from Wolfram to the app?



For this application you should use Wolfram's SystemModeler. It is more appropriate for the task. You can also get an animation if you use the correct components. You can also integrate a controller written in C into a model. I have seen references to people who have called python from modelica (the language underneath SystemModeler) but I have never tried it.

Here is an example of a robot model in WSM: robot model example



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