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How to monitor parallel computations?

Posted 10 years ago
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the simplest way to monitor the progress of computations, for example in a Do-loop, is perhaps using PrintTemporary[..]. All temporary printouts to the notebook running the computation are removed at the end of the computation. In ParallelDo however, the printouts remain. Does anybody know a workaround for this?

Best regards,
Hannes Kessler
POSTED BY: Hannes Kessler
My guess would be something close to the following:
This code should fail
ParallelEvaluate[CreateDocument[{a, b, c}]]
because there is no FrontEnd process on the parallel kernel. Your question might be about the same issue, simply the front end cannot execute NotebookDelete command on the sub-kernels. 
POSTED BY: Shenghui Yang
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