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European Wolfram Technology Conference 2018

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This year the European Wolfram Technology Conference will be in Oxford on 14-15 June 2018!

With opening remarks from Conrad Wolfram and a range of specialist talks from Wolfram developers, this two-day conference will give you the inside track on the future direction of computational technology.

As well as gaining a better understanding of the Wolfram technology stack, you will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.

Location: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Date: 14-15 June 2018

Why Attend?

  • Latest Technology
  • New Approaches to Data Science
  • Get Experience with the Wolfram Ecosystem
  • New Ways of Working
  • Have Fun
  • Meet Computation Experts

There is less than a month to go, click here to secure your place.

We look forward to seeing you there!

New Approaches to Data Science

New Ways of Working

I plan to present. My latest submission here, "A monad for classification workflows", is about those two conference edification goals, and closely related to one of my talks.

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