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MathEd: Major update of 2 notebooks & packages on the place value system

Posted 6 years ago

These 2 notebooks with packages have major updates, at their original locations (otherwise some users might miss out on the update):

(1) Pronunciation of the integers with full use of the place value system

(2) Tables for addition and subtraction with better use of the place value system

PM. I noticed that attaching a notebook to a Posting might cause that this notebook is transformed and included into the html of the Posting. This happened in (2) above. Let me ask Staff not to do this. I do not want to sound ungrateful, when someone has done some effort to make this happen, but it is better not to do so. An attachment is not the same as a Posting. Their titles differ. The layouts differ. While I checked the notebook, I did not check the html transcription. I might not want a html layout when I made an interactive notebook. While I updated the notebook at the original location, I have no access to the html that was created there, and it gives the old text. It is okay to let bygones be bygones, but it would help to know for future submissions that attachments are such only, with perhaps another button that asks for conversion to html. It is unclear to me whether version management would be a more general issue for these Postings.

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