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Mathematica opens all new notebooks in the CDF mode

Posted 11 years ago
If I have an open Mathematica session, after a while all new notebooks that I try to open or create, open in the CDF "no-edit" mode. already open notebooks do not lose their functionality, although sometimes ask to reconnect with the license server. it seems like a glitch in communication between my local Windows installation and the license server. Anybody has experienced the same problem?
POSTED BY: Igor Mazin
The notebooks haven't changed but without licensing, the Mathematica front end is reverting to CDF Player mode.

First step is to check with sys admins about the reliability of the license server machine.
Brief glitches should not affect the client Mathematica; if the connection to the license
manager is down for over six minutes, bad things can happen.

You should ask if other users at your location have the same experience.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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