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Run Parallel commands after 10.13.5 OSX upgrade?

Posted 4 years ago
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Yesterday I upgraded OS X to 10.13.5, on my mid 2012 MacBook Pro. Today I found out that neither Mathematica 11.3, nor 11.01 is capable to run Parallel command, like ParallelTable[] at full speed. Instead of the usual 99.5% CPU usage per kernel, I see 0.5% CPU usage, so practically I am unable to run any of my programs. If I inquire the status of the Parallel Kernels from the menu, the program is falling into an endless loop, so I have to kill it after some time. So, I am wondering if it is only with my particular machine or it is a much more widespread phenomena. Thanks ahead, János

POSTED BY: Janos Lobb
3 Replies

I did a quick check using some of the examples.

  Total[FactorInteger[2^i - 1][[All, 2]]], {i, 150, 300}]]

is working (the example had limits {150, 190} so I increased it.) Activity monitor shows 4 threads of WolframKernel running at 99.9%,

The function is still processing -- I should have made the upper limit something more reasonable -- but it is sufficient to say that ParallelTable is working. With the example limits, it returned relatively quickly.

Running an iMac (2017) with a 4.2 GHz Intel Core i& and 32 GBytes RAM.

in the unlikely chance that the macOS upgrade was no good, you can download and use the 10.13.5 combo upgrade.

get the combo updater

This link is for the US, but you can search Apple Support from your browser if you are elsewhere. I used to use the combo updater as a matter of course, but the last few updates have been fine, so I stopped. This updater doesn't care if you have already done the incremental update. It is safer in that it doesn't make any assumptions about the state of the os.

If this does not help, you can reinstall Mathematica, as I outlines on the parallel thread about running the benchmark.

Posted 4 years ago

That was it. Somehow the OS X 10.13.5 upgrade was borged. Thanks.

POSTED BY: Janos Lobb
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