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Avoid issues updating from Mathematica version 10 to 11 on Raspberry Pi?

Posted 8 months ago
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I am currently running Mathematica version, and would like to update to the most recent Raspberry Pi release (11 something?). I have already tried to update this (see the attached screenshots), but I am getting errors I don't understand. I'm only 14, and I am new to all of this, any help will be appreciated.



4 Replies

You can install latest Raspbian Stretch OS and it will have latest Mathematica(11.2) pre installed.

I suspect your raspbian image, having mix of Jessie and Stretch repositories links which is causing dependency issues.

Is there any way that I could do this without deleting all of my files, or install mathematica by hand?

Generally unmet dependencies can be resolved by

sudo apt-get -f install

I am now running debian Squeeze, and am happy to have gotten the task of updating out of the way as well. Sure enough, Mathematica 11.2 is installed now, thanks for the help.



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