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Double equal sign display

Posted 11 years ago
I am defining a system of equations with each equation being defined in the form "eq1 = 5x+6 == 0".  When I use the double equal signs and enter anything directly after them, the display of the double equal signs is changed to a slightly longer than usual single equal sign.  The display settings I am using now are the default for Mathematica 9.0, so I hav no idea how to change the appropriate display settings.  How can I change the display settings so that the double equal signs are displayed as double equal signs? 

POSTED BY: Allen Hammack
Posted 11 years ago
In the menu bar there is Window->Magnification->300% and that will show your "new single equal" is actually a "double equal" in a different font.

If you want the two "single equal" character form then after you have entered at least one more character after your two "single equal" and it has been changed into the different font then scrape your mouse over that changed font to select it and type the two "single equal" characters.
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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