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Avoid MMA to crash while printing a file?

Posted 1 year ago
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Whenever I try to print my mathematica file, either through print or print preview, the program crashes and I cannot continue. I have a Windows 10 Surface 3 Tablet and am using Mathematica version 11. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still the problem persists. This problem also only applies to a few of my more recent files, my older files print just fine. Any tips? Thank you

Update: I've determined it occurs whenever I try to print a 3D plot that the program crashes

2 Replies

Hi vnv, you could boot into your parallel OS (Raspbian or Win7 for example) and try to print from there. Also, you could try to print to a "virtual printer" such as fineprintDOTcom and see if the software crashes there too.

I never tried to print a plot on a piece of paper.

Raspi Rascal, vnv bcjd didn't say anything about wishing to install and use Virtual Machines. I'd suggest he/she not do so.

MY ADVICE: i had allot of crash issues for imac 11.0, i emailed wolfram staff and by 11.0.3 all the issues were resolved. be patient

QUESTION; does it crash if you "print as file" or only "print to printer" ? try both and say which.

using mathematica you can also convert your file to another format (Postscript, PDF, BMP, JPEG) and then print the resulting file. So your really not stuck if you haven't those (very many possibilities)

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