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Raspi Rascal
Raspi Rascal
novato, contributor, pseudo-wannabe (not even tryhard)
LOCATION: gemani
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I like maths & science fundamentals but please don't get me bogged down boring me with details on any of their thousand specialized branches, which is where i start thinking wtf cares. My general attitude is positive and i am eager for knowledge and understanding and really enjoy reading the WLDC examples and tutorials on the core language. I would say that my $\text{Wolfram L}$ proficiency is just past level A2: i am totally new to Raspberry Pi and any kind of hands-on programming, so bear with me, i am not a fast learner or brilliant mind, and i clearly **ck at coding but once i fully understand & learn a little something, i embrace it usually for life. In any case, $\text{my forte}$ is simply being here (Haha don't laugh, just think how small and stagnating the size of the world-wide international community of really(!) active/dedicated Mathematica users outside of the States is, compared to the massive and ever-growing world-wide academic and industrial user base of Maple, Mathcad, Maxima, Matlab, and Comsol) and my honest admiration of the beauty, power, and universality of our common language. 35 years after inception, looking at the low viewership on the Wolfram youtube channel and the raspi forum just makes me sad and question the longevity and long-term future. So you (i.e. the Wolfram company, the person in charge of the Wolfram Community) can be happy and thankful that at least i am here and being one of the few who actually/still cares: i am a direct/indirect contributor, after all! :P I am not here to make friends or get involved in online discussions but whenever (time, occasion, opportunity, skill level) i can contribute, i will try to do so ... because sharing is fun and employing this fantastic language brings joy in our daily life. Btw i prefer to call our language "Wolfram L" instead of "WL" or "The Wolfram Language" ymmv.

Thanks for your curiosity in checking me out. My name is Andrews but you can call me "raspi", np. Have a good day, sir!

Favorite quote: "Dynamic[expr] should always display the value you would get if you evaluated expr now."