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Run wolfram language scripts off of a Raspberry Pi Zero W?

Posted 1 year ago
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I am currently using a fairly simple script to scrape data off of a web-site on a daily basis for a time span of 8-10 hours. The script actually uses functionality that is loaded from a package I wrote for the specific purpose.

My current set up uses the windows scheduled task engine to run my script on 15 minute intervals. After scrapping the data from the website, the script saves a number of files at a designated location. The size of the files written is around 1.5MB / day.

The present configuration is problematic because it forces me to leave my pc on during the data acquisition period. Searching for a quick and cheap alternative I somehow ended up on the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

My question to the community is, can the Raspberry Pi Zero W run Mathematica with scripting capabilities?

Are there any caveats that I should be aware off?

Has anybody used the Pi Zero in a similar way and what are any suggestions?


3 Replies

I'm going to risk a total guess and say yes - if the Pi came with Mathematica (if it's a Pi that wolfram says you get a special deal with - what the Pi zero is i'm unsure if that model is really old or new).

to run mm, Pi runs freeBSD. because freeBSD has a "bash shell" and that's all wolfram script needs: i'll risk a guess the answer is yes it will

Posted 1 year ago

Hey John Hendrickson,

thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

I must apologize because I wasn't clear enough.

I don't currently own a Pi. I am considering the purchase of a Pi and I am not sure about the model that would better suit my needs. I was under the impression that Mathematica ships with the Pi or can be downloaded from the Pi site. Am I mistaken in thinking that?

What I need the Pi to do is to be able to run wolfram language scripts and save output in reasonable time without overheating/hanging issues. I'm not so much into electronics/micro-controllers and the like. My main concern is to use the Pi along with Mathematica to address my current scrapping needs. I am fairly comfortable with Mathematica/Wolfram Language and windows but I am absolutely clueless when it comes to linux distros.

I was hoping that there would be other fellow users that had already dealt with similar use cases and had any pointers to share.

Thanks again!

I am the raspi, but you the question about 0 W which I've never heard of.

The 3 B+ is the latest model. Buy it.

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