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Plot 3D points and create an animation?

Posted 4 months ago
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If i have a list of 3D points , x,y,z saved in my mathematica nootbook (the list is a list of 3 large lists.. the first is for the x-axis , the second for the y-axis......). how can i animate the points in a 3D one by one? mybe to create a point that moves according to the current (x,y,z)...?


2 Replies

First use Thread[ ], then you can use Manipulate wrapping Graphics3D[ ] and Point[ ] and Part[ ] . With the slider you would manipulate the part number of your list, i.e. the successive points.

Posted 4 months ago

Ok, thanks, i did it with Manipulate like you said but i wrapped Show that wrapped ListPlot3D

With[ { mtrx = Transpose[points], range = {Min[#], Max[#]} & /@ points } , Manipulate[ Column[ { Row[{ind, "\t", mtrx[[ind]]}] , Show[ ListPointPlot3D[ {mtrx[[ind]]} , PlotStyle -> Directive[PointSize[0.02], Red]], PlotRange -> range, ImageSize -> 400



, Center ] , {ind, 1, Length[mtrx], 1}

] ]

Now i want to add rotation and i do not mange to to it. i have azimuth, alvetion and roll and i want to creat an object that moves in the x,y,z axis like i did above, but i also want him to rotate acoording to azimuth,alevation,roll that i have in another matrix


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