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Free CDF player - reading data from URL and creating diagrams

Posted 11 years ago
I am struggling a bit with how to structure the CDF code.

What I want to do is to read some data from a Google spreadsheet & then do some operations of this data and display the result in a diagram. 

The pattern I currently have is to have a Dynamic[{..}, Manipulate[ (...), Initialize-> "data = Import["URL"], SaveDefinitions-> True, Synchronous->False]
However, when this is deployed as a standalone CDF, the value of data stays the same everytime I open the CDF. Probably because of the "SaveDefinitions". But when I remove the SaveDefinitions, the data doesn't seem to be set. 

I am looking for some pointers to examples with CDF:s or other sources. 
POSTED BY: Fredrik Doberl
Use RuleDelayed (:>) for the initialization, for example deploy this as a standalone and note how 'a' gets reinitialized every time:
Manipulate[ x + a, {x,0,1}, Initialization :> (a=RandomReal[]) ]
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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