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How do I share Mathematica notebooks in Skype or Google Video?

Posted 11 years ago
The standard "share screen/window" option in either Skype or Google video chat appears to miss on all content of open Mathematica notebooks, except for the title bar

I have tried different screen styles -- no luck.

The only thing that worked albeit inconsistently was to share the entire desktop (in Skype, this option is not available in Google as far as I know)

POSTED BY: Vadim Oganesyan
4 Replies
As we all know skype currently belong to microsoft product . After the purchace of skype by microsoft there are many new feature added in skype by microsoft . you can easily send audio/video/document using send tab in skype thats simple emoticon  .
Hmmm. I just tested this on Mac OS X 10.7, and had no issues sharing Mathematica notebooks on Google Hangouts or via Skype—both worked perfectly. Do you encounter this issue with any other applications?
POSTED BY: Dan Newman
Posted 11 years ago
Windows 7 Pro (previously XP)+Mathematica 9 (previously 7,8)

I am under the impression that this problem also exists on a mac

POSTED BY: Vadim Oganesyan
This really isn't likely to be an issue with Mathematica but with the OS or how Skype/GChat are showing the desktop. 

 What OS  and version of Mathematica are you using?
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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