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Present results of some calculations without using notebooks or CDF?

Posted 9 months ago
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Hello! I made some calculations in Mathematica and I made a manipulation of functions. How to present the results in case another computer does not have wolfram or CDF player? Can you advise anything?

8 Replies

Could use File > Save As and select PDF. It is not hard to use PDF in a presentation.

I know that the file can be saved as PDF, but it is not possible to manipulate in PDF. Is any possibility to show the results and manipulations on the computer without Wolfram installation?

Posted 9 months ago

You can Export Manipulate directly to the "GIF" format in 11.1 and later to get an animated image. Or you can use the Wolfram Cloud on any computer with an internet connection!

Thank all of you for advices. I have one more question.

the "GIF" format in 11.1

Does it mean the version of Wolfram?

Posted 9 months ago

Yes, 11.1+ version of Wolfram.


Export["file.gif", Manipulate[...], "GIF"]

but what you wish to manipulate hasn't been shown or mentioned, so a way to do it isn't answerable

there is "Mathematica Reader" but it's not supported (32bit) and does NOT manipulate

you can Export to many graphics types ... some types you may manipulate with, ex, Google Sketchup or Autocad. (partially however, depends on the item in question how well)

There is web mathematica and any web browser (or iPhone) can access it. (wolfram alpha as well), and mathematica now "Deploys" as part of an "internet of things" solution. so you computer without mathematica does not need it installed

there are other options. in some special cases Wolfram allows it's software or part of it to be distributed as a solution: however since your doing something small and trivial there's no sense in bothering them with the question.

Thanks for answers. They really hepled me. :)

Hi Mikhail,

MathematicaOnline or the CloudDeploy function might provide what you're looking for (see the documentation). I think you may also be able to export WL code to the web in HTML format, but that's not an area I'm familiar with so can't say for sure.

Hope this helps,


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