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Import XLS files? (Mathematica 11.3)

Posted 6 months ago
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It is normal to import XLS files previously using Mathematica 11.3! However, when I import XLS files these days, I don't know why there is always an error message. Is there a way to check the cause of the error?


wrong information: Import::fmterr: Cannot import data as XLS format.

4 Replies


I've just imported your xls file without a problem - see screenshot below. I'm running V11.3 on a Mac.

All the best,


enter image description here

Posted 6 months ago

Is Import["C:\\Users\\prede\\20130424.xls"] actually the full path on your machine? or is it something else? I believe there is an issue where in Mathematica 11.3 (Windows only) Import is unable to properly bring in .xls/.xlsx files if they have a non-ASCII character in the file path.

If this in fact the issue, you may be able to use Import[filepath", "DataLegacy"] to bring the data in as a workaround.

If the above isn't helpful then I'd recommend contacting support ( and they should be able to assist further.

Thank for your reminder~~ In fact, in my file path contains the non-ASCII character. After the correction, I can Import XLS files~~ But I am surprised that ~~~ Why the error message does not show "Cannot find the file," but show "Cannot import data as XLS format." It does not quite match the intuition of file path errors.

Posted 5 months ago

Import should be able to handle this, which is why there isn't a proper error message I believe. If it were an intended limitation it would likely be better documented. In any event we're looking to address this in a future release.

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