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StartExternalSession with a Raspberry Pi Stretch running MMA v11.2?

Posted 10 months ago
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Hey guys,

I wondered if anyone had an issue with Raspberry Pi Stretch running MMA v11.2 in which calling

StartExternalSession[<|"System"->"Python,"SessionProlog"->"import math"|>]

yields an error accusing invalid option "SessionProlog".

I've used this on MacOS and it works fine, but it is crashing on the Pi.

I can't seem to upgrade it to v 11.3 to check is that is the issue.

Anyone encountered this issue?

5 Replies

Option SessionProlog was introduced in 11.3. It will be an invalid option for 11.2 Kernels. Hence the error.

Thanks, Damanjit!

Any idea when v 11.3 will be available to the Raspberry pi?

Version 11.3 for the Raspberry Pi was released a week ago. You should be able to upgrade via the usual

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine

and this is a direct link to the .deb package

Thanks, Ilian!

I tried updating a few days ago but I got a message saying version 11.2 was the latest. Tried again last weekend and managed to update it.

Much appreciated!

Any way we can flag this topic as closed?

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