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Custom websites and less opaque URLs

Posted 8 months ago
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I have a number of sites hosted in the cloud these days:

And one that was also built using Mathematica and notebooks but hosted on GitHub:

Now a thing to notice about those first three is that beyond their being embarrassingly slow to load, the URLs are also incredibly ugly. The isn't attractive, to be sure, but it's a pretty small insertion relative to: I mean, at least the organization (paclets) that creates the website is the first thing people see in the GitHub URL.

Is there a way to get a less ugly URL? It's uncomfortable to have to send people to a URL that's so opaque it looks suspicious. I could always buy my own domain, but if the major benefit of the cloud is that it's programmable, why should I have to leave Mathematica to make it not look like I'm trying to steal people's personal info when I'm just trying to send them to my tutorial?

2 Replies

Related note, developer+ subscriptions allow "customizable URLs" whatever that means

Posted 8 months ago

That's a bad sign... it shouldn't require 3 Netflix subscriptions to be able to change to or whatever

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