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Where are notebooks for "Classical Mechanics with Mathematica", 2nd ed?

Posted 2 years ago
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I just got the new book ""Classical Mechanics with Mathematica", 2nd ed, by Romano and Marasco. The preface refers to available Mathematica notebooks, the cover includes a box "EXTRAS ONLINE".

Where are those notebooks found?

So far as I can see, there is no indication in the books' preface, colophon, etc., as to the notenooks' loccation. And the page for the book at the publisher's website,, seems to have no link whatsoever to such notebooks. (The "Downloads" link there has as target an external site giving metrics on downloads of the ebook and individual chapters of it.)

In face, as I have begun to read the book, I have not yet found any mention of Mathematica, not even in exercises in the "Mechanics" part of the book, where the preface alleges that exercises using Mathematica may be found.

5 Replies

My favorite mechanics book is Gummert Reckling Mechanik Third Edition, it is beautiful, just wonderful, do you know it? It is my basis to connect mechanics with Mathematica. Also check out the unique PC software, free trial version of

Thank you for the link!

How and where did you find it?

My question, "How and where did you find it?" meant:

"How did you know to look at I saw no such link mentioned in the book itself or on the publisher's web page for the book!"

I didn't see the link anywhere, so I tried to compose the URL on my own. The URL follows a simple string pattern, you just need to know the year and the ISBN number ;-)

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