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Apply image displacements to a photo of the lunar surface?

Posted 8 months ago
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I would like to do photorealistic models of the lunar surface. I have cut molds using a CNC router. The data is from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Laser Altimeter; has a handy selection tool for the data which is returned as a tiff file. I use Mathematica to convert to an elevation file then wrap it on a sphere the size of the Moon, output an stl file, and import into Aspire to convert to g-code.
After making a mold, I can make copies on a thermoformer. I would like to do distortion printing, where an image of the region is pre-distorted so when stretched over the mold it moves back into place. To calculate the distortion, I can use the dense optical flow function ImageDisplacements. I print a grid onto the plastic, thermoform over the mold, then take an overhead photo of the original grid and the thermoformed grid and use those two photos as the input for ImageDisplacements.

My question is, how can I apply the displacements to a photo of the lunar surface in question? ImageTransformation needs a function, and ImageDisplacements produces a matrix of displacements.

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