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Importing PDF images into a notebook.

Posted 11 years ago

I was wondering what is the correct way to format a pdf image, to cut and paste into a notebook, so that users on both Mac & PC are able to view the images.

Currently if i create a PDF on my mac & cut and paste it into my notebook the  images are not visable by those using a PC. 

Thank you, any suggestions are appreciated.
2 Replies
Hi, Insert pictures by using the menu item "Insert -> Picture -> From file ". This method of picture insertion generally works better than any other.
POSTED BY: Isaac Abraham
Posted 11 years ago
"PDF" format type is natively supported only under OS X, see this answer for more information:

The only workaround is to Import the PDF file. It will be converted into Graphics expression and no longer will be PDF but it will be rendered OS-independently.
POSTED BY: Alexey Popkov
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