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Does any US College offer online Mathematica-based introductory calculus?

Posted 11 months ago
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Someone I know is looking for a course teaching introductory calculus (univariate differential, integral) using the Wolfram Language / Mathematica. The course needs to be taught on an online basis from an accredited US college such that the credits received could be transferred back to his home university. To my surprise, my 10 minutes with a search engine did not find anything current. Is anyone aware of such an offering?

2 Replies

Netmath at the University of Illinois has several offerings.

The link below explains the connection between their mathable and Mathematica.

Dosclaimer: While I know some of the people currently or formerly involved, I am not familiar with this program in any details.

Have you tried the MIT open courseware? I do remember a colleague of mine from a long time ago enrolling for a Mathematica related program at the MIT open courseware. You can find more info here

Another option that comes to mind is You can find some info here

Hope that was helpful.

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