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Seth Chandler
Seth Chandler
University of Houston
LOCATION: Houston, Texas

Wolfram Innovator Award Winner:

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I’m a Foundation Professor of Law at the University of Houston Law Center where I emphasize insurance law. Ever since I was 11, when I started building a baseball simulator, I’ve been interested in using computational techniques to understand and simulate human behavior and, more recently, legal rules. I’ve pioneered use of computer languages, notably Mathematica and more recently R, in this domain and have deployed mathematical algorithms in fields such as network analysis, computational linguistics, machine learning and statistics to study legal rules. I also find that, sometimes, simply counting things in previously unmined or uncombined data is very useful. Given a longstanding interest in health law and health insurance, I’ve focused over the past few years in combining computation, data mining and law to understand the Affordable Care Act and other parts of our insurance systems. I'm a long time user of Mathematica. I've written a number of papers, many focusing on insurance law, using Mathematica prominently and am the author of over 100 Demonstrations on the Wolfram Demonstrations site. See also this blog. Relevant areas of interest include:

  • statistics
  • finance
  • game theory
  • machine learning
  • networks (graphs)
  • evolutionary programming
  • functional programming
  • interfacing Mathematica with other languages
  • NKS
  • computational linguistics