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Generate a mesh in order to do a heat transfer analysis?

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi All, I'm trying to generate a mesh in order to do a heat transfer analysis and have come up with the code in the attached file based on the Wolfram documentation and other posts in the community. The mesh is broken up into 9 regions to which I would like to assign material properties. I've had a go at assigning point markers to nodes which I then intended to use to assign material properties. However, I've come unstuck because the number of incidents I've created doesn't match the number of nodes (i.e. entries in mesh["Coordinates"]) due to each region being meshed separately and there being two incident IDs per node at each interface between regions. I'm new to Mathematica so I'd be very grateful if anyone could shed some light on how best to go about this. Also, is there a way to show the IDs of all nodes (PointElements?) rather than just the ones on the boundary? I've written my own code to solve for heat transfer in a separate notebook. Many thanks, Archie


At first glance, the task is very simple. Why do not you use NDSolve[] with Method -> {"FiniteElement", "InterpolationOrder" -> {}, "MeshOptions" -> {"MaxCellMeasure" -> 0.0005}} , which automatically generates a mesh in 2D?

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