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Copying cells is inferior to screen shot

Posted 11 years ago
When I copy cells using the built-in copy command I get an inferior result than if I use a Windows screen shot. Here is an example.

Here is the screen shot:

and this is what it looks like if you select the cells from the collapse bars on the right side of the screen (what are those called?) and select Copy from the context menu:

As you can see the graphical quality of the copied cells is inferior. For example, the plot is aliased, shaded in a way that it is not in the notebook, and the graphics of the buttons are inferior. The hairline around the plot has turned into a dotted line in the copied image, etc.

Is there any way to make the copy function return a high quality graphic or am I stuck with doing screen shots?
POSTED BY: Hairy Thoughter
Posted 11 years ago
The buttons are rendered by operating system (OS) and FrontEnd actually knows almost nothing about it. When you copy the graphics or Export it to EMF or PDF the buttons are not rendered by OS but are replaced with some predefined vector figures by the FrontEnd (probably they are loaded from the file "" in the directory "$InstallationDirectory\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\TextResources"). These figures are less attractive than what OS shows. The only way to get the on-screen appearance is to Rasterize the graphics (you can also select the Cell and then use the Cell :: ConvertTo :: Bitmap menu command). Then you can copy it from the Notebook or (much better) Export it as raster image and then import this image into another program.
POSTED BY: Alexey Popkov
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