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Fast Introduction for Programmers. Notes for ____ programmers:

Posted 9 months ago
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The I find the "The Wolfram Language: Fast Introduction for Programmers" to be a very useful resource for new users. Specially the "Notes for users of other languages" section.

Currently the other languages notes are available for Java and Python, and just noticed that there is a comment saying that such notes will be "coming soon" for C/C++, C#, VB.NET, Perl, R, Haskell, Lisp.

The reason I am writing this post is because I was going to ask for the notes to be expanded to MATLAB, but I now realize that there are seven other languages in the queue first! So I ask the community to vote for how do you think that list should be ordered.

I'll vote first:

  2. C/C++
  3. JavaScript (also not in the list)
  4. RandomSample[C#, VB.NET, Perl, R, Haskell, Lisp]

I'll vote second:

  2. JavaScript (also not in the list)
  3. C/C++
  4. RandomSample[C#, VB.NET, Perl, R, Haskell, Lisp]

good idea for a community thread!!

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