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Notebook to ePub3 Conversion

Posted 7 months ago
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Has anyone ever tried creating an api to convert notebooks to epub3?

Epubs use html, and I know there is some success in notebook to html conversion.

I have an idea for a notebook converter that would, go cell by cell, and turn text into html, and create pdfs of input, and separate pdfs of output, and the converter would stack the material appropriately. It would probably create a large file, but that isn't terrible.

Of course, once the file was created, you'd have to tinker with it in a different program, like Calibre, but so long as the bulk of the work could be done programmatically, i think this could be a really useful thing for the world.

So 1) have any of you ever made such an attempt? 2) Suggestions on html/xml conversions (or notebooks you have that make that conversion a tad easier 3) Ever run programmatic individual instances of input/output cell pdfing?

The reason for this application is that many epub platforms do not have the capacity to sell "fixed-image" publications. Which is what simply making an epub out of a pdf creates.

Posted 6 months ago

There has been some discussion about things like this in the Mathematica Stack Exchange chat and several people have worked on related projects.

Here are three notebook to Markdown projects:

You could use a notebook to Markdown converter as a first step and then export the Markdown file to ePub using pandoc.

I have also done some related work, e.g. my notebook to HTML converter (it supports a subset of tags used by the WordPress editor).

SENotebook is written with Stack Exchange in mind, but I think the other two are meant to be general. I recommend using something that you understand and know how to modify because there may be things you want to do which is not covered by any of these projects, but if you know how it works then building on top of them should not be a problem.

Three of the people mentioned here, myself included, are pretty active in the Mathematica Stack Exchange chat if you want to chat about it.

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