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Import and Plot the following data in a .txt file?

Posted 6 months ago
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Good night, this question is made because although the existing different post about this thematic, I have not been able to put it into practice. In this moment I have taken measurements of an experiment but I could not visualize them in Mathematica.

Attached a source code of my notebook, and the data in question. Thanks for your attention.

4 Replies
Posted 2 months ago
Posted 6 months ago

The same can be done with Import. Try:

data = Import["../RespuestaEscalon_A10_k_1.txt", {"TSV", "Data", All, 1 ;; 2}, "NumberPoint" -> ","]
Posted 6 months ago

Thanks so much, this does work, i had not idea that in this format the "," and the ".", generating a problem in my plot design. Again thanks so much for you time and dedication in my question.



The first step could be to import the file into Mathematica in TSV format and then clean it up a little:

data = Import[
cleanedData = 
  data /. str_String :> ToExpression@StringReplace[str, "," -> "."];
ListPlot[cleanedData[[All, 1 ;; 2]]]

There may be a faster way with SemanticImport, but the default settings do not give directly usable results.

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