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Attempting to translate the English language to WL code

Posted 8 months ago
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TL;DR Here is a list of me attempting to translate English words into computer code.

So a little ways back I found out about this website called Learn These Words First where some people are trying to define all words in the English language down to 60 or so words which are apparently called semantic primes.

But the definitions are using English grammar and kind of vague, so I thought I'd try and define them in a more structured way. here is a very early version of me attempting to define the words using more code-like structure.

This is a very early rough version of the project, and it's not at all functional and needs a lot of work, but I just though I'd share that I'm working on it when I'm bored basically.

If anyone wants to chat about this kind, of project here is a link to a Discord channel where people can talk about it with each other or ask me stuff. Here is a GitHub link.

The linked discussion pages:

require registration and log-in. (Not doing it.)

I looked into the notebook "D'ni.nb" in the linked GitHub repository.

I can appreciate the effort, but I also kind of see it as something that have been done a lot with a lot of languages. Mathematica/WL and LISP from their inception have been considered and used in that way. (Meaning, making some sort of a Domain Specific Language that is more convenient for the programmers or target users.)

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