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Avoid error in the following symbolic integration?

Posted 5 months ago
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I have attached a code in short0.nb that produces an erroneous result - see colour comments in the file. The error is in the integration of the function curr[t] between t and t+T, see the line with the defined variable avcurr. When this calculation is split into two parts in the same document, it is done correctly. When it is done independently and - importantly - on another notebook, see attached test.nb, then the results is correct again. Any ideas?

5 Replies

Thanks, Hans. I have asked somebody in Mathematica to have a look. When they come back to me, I'll let everybody know.

Interesting. I don't know what happens. But if I change the names of variables in the integration both terms are equal. See notebook at the very end.


also, if you look down the same notebook where you added your command, I split the function curr[t] into two parts and performed the same calculation for each of them. There is not term with t in there at all! The result is correct this way. Weird!

of course, this is that very error I was talking about, it should not contain that term. If you look at the test.nb where the same calculation is done starting immediately from curt[t], the correct result is obtained without the t. I have no idea why this happens. That is precisely my question.
- sorry, may be I misunderstood your answer, then , please, explain.

Your avcurr contains a term proportional to t . See attached notebook, Out[26]

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